Former Post Fiji staff sentenced to five years for theft and arson

The Seaqaqa post office up in flames back in 2016. Picture: FT FILE

A 38-YEAR-old former post mistress has been sentenced to five years imprisonment after being convicted of a count each of theft and arson by the High Court in Labasa.

Artika Anjani who was the sole employee of Post Fiji in Seaqaqa stole $43,000 belonging to Post Fiji and also burnt the building to the ground on September 14, 2016.

Judge Justice Paul Madigan, while reading the sentence, said that Anjani became a victim of an online scam in which she was promised a loan of $150,000.

He said according to the online scam, Anjani had to pay a deposit and fees of $50,000 to a Fijian agent of the fraudster.

The court heard that the fraudster was said to be in France, however, the bogus documents provided suggested that the scam originated from Africa.

A non-parole period of three years has been set.

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