Former inmates raise concerns

FORMER inmates at the Vaturekuka Corrections Centre have been advised to lodge their complaints with the officer in command of the Labasa Corrections Centre.

Responding to queries raised by former inmates, a statement from assistant commissioner operations Senior Superintendent Salote Panapasa said the complaints of the former inmates should also be submitted in writing.

SSP Panapasa said once this was done, they could then assess their complaints.

“The best advice we can give to these former prisoners is to present themselves to the officer in command in the Labasa Corrections Centre,” she said.

“They need to lodge their written request so we can assess their complaint and assist if required.

“These former prisoners know fully well the conditions of their engagement under the musu dovu operations.

“They should not be complaining if they know they had breached these conditions.”

A group of former inmates had visited this newspaper airing their complaints on non-payment of service rendered cutting sugarcane while serving their sentences at the Vaturekuka centre.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity to this newspaper for fear of victimisation because of pending cases in court, some former inmates claimed they were not paid their dues because they were caught smoking tobacco at the facility while serving their sentence.

Former inmates said this was unfair, considering that they had already rendered their services and deserved to receive their pay.

Some former inmates said such treatment were inhumane.

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