Former inmates on a mission to feed the homeless

A YOUTH group made up largely of former inmates from Lautoka has started a feeding program for the homeless.

Based in Natokowaqa, the group serves food once a week to people who call the streets of Lautoka City home.

Pygmies (Providing Young Generation Movement in Every Society) youth leader Josateki Labalaba said the outreach was about youth engagement and empowerment.

“We decided that we could do something that could actually help someone and change their life in a small way,” Mr Labalaba said. “Some in the group are unemployed and struggling to find a job but that struggle is nothing compared to what people living on the streets face every day and night.

“We wanted to do something to help them and remind them that there are people who still care.”

He said the group fed about 50 people over the past few weeks.

“It’s not about the number of people that we help or give food to. That is not why we wanted to do this.

“We wanted to bring attention to them and how they need our help.”

He said the group received help from some businesses.

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