Former flight attendant follows her passion

Nadro Events and Solutions owner Miliana Naituyaga. Picture: ABISHEK CHAND

NADRO Events and Solutions owner Miliana Naituyaga has been employing people who had been laid off from work in the hotel and tourism sector.

According to Ms Naituyaga she started her business as it was a passion.

“The way I do my business with my events company I don’t want people that are celebrating to go around look for things,” she said.

“They just come to me a one-stop-shop and I do everything for them up to catering and setting up tables.

“And now I am employing the ladies and guys who were terminated at the hotels during COVID, so they are my helpers now depending on how big the event.”

She added she would usually take around six or seven men and women to assist her.

Nadro Events and Solutions caters for all types of events.

“If it’s weddings then I am like a wedding planner and I order their costumes for weddings. “At the same time I am helping the community, those that are not working now due to COVID.

“Also for most of my catering I use a lot of seafood so I just use the ladies in the villages nearby in Sigatoka.”

She said it had become a norm now, as soon the women in the village get the produce from the sea they would let her know and Ms Naituyaga would buy it from them.

The business owner said she had registered her business before she got laid off as a flight attendant after more than 30 years.

“We got laid off in May and I registered my business around November.

“It’s my passion I love doing things like this I do it for family weddings and birthdays.

“So I thought why not create a business when I am still flying, not really like full time but at least get my stuff from abroad while I am still flying.

“So I started buying my decoration stuff, my warmers and juicers and things that I could use.”

She said the business was now a source of income for her family.

“I really miss going out and buying the products but thanks to my family that live abroad, anything I want I just screenshot the stuff to them and they send it over.”

Ms Naituyaga was appreciative of the skills which she had learnt at the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs.

“This academy was everything, I was a flight attendant for 30 years and I never knew anything about business.

“I only knew about setting it up and all that but with this AWE you will learn about pricing your products, financing your dreams and the main things is how to set up your business plan.

“Business plan, there are only certain types of people that could write it but at the end of this AWE program from the number one topic then you work on your business plan.”

She said it gave her the knowledge about everything in business from marketing her products to pricing it and making a dream into a reality. Ms Naituyaga aims to open a convention centre in Sigatoka in the future.

“That’s my dream where people can go have meetings and birthdays, like a convention centre.

“My other big dream is to enter politics and it has been my dream all along.”

She said with the programs like AWE and Leadership Fiji it has boosted her confidence and solidified her desire to enter into politics as it has taught her everything she needs to know in how to become a good leader.

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