Former Fijian accountants start local job website

The Farmers vacancy advertisement on the new website. Picture: SUPPLIED

TWO Fijian-born chartered accountants who now reside in Australia have decided to give back to their homeland by way of starting up a website that advertises jobs in Fiji.

And this website has already begun to generate a good feedback in its first quarter.

Ashwin Sharma and Rajeev Chandra introduced the website as a way of connecting Fijian employers and job seekers.

“In the last quarter with over 1300 jobs listed, we saw that the highest advertisements were in the hospitality and retail sectors marking 65 per cent of the jobs posted, followed by 12 per cent in professional services such as in accounts,” Mr Sharma said.

He said the most job listings were from Suva, Nadi and the Northern Division.

According to the founders, the most popular job advertisements are in Customer Service, Accounts, and in Sales Representatives categories.

Mr Sharma stated that every week, more than 200 jobs were advertised and it was mostly in the tourism sector.