Former Fiji Times publisher dies in NSW

Former Fiji Times publisher Brian O'Flaherty. Picture: SUPPLIED

Former Fiji Times publisher Brian O'Flaherty. Picture: SUPPLIED

Update: 4:50PM FORMER publisher of The Fiji Times, Brian O’Flaherty has died.

Mr O’Flaherty’s daughter Toni O’Flaherty said her father passed away very suddenly last Friday night at their home in Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

“The Fiji Times held a special place in his heart both from his time spent there from 1992 to 1996 and especially when we all came back in 2011,” Toni said in an email correspondent to The Fiji Times.

“It seemed there wasn’t a day that passed where we weren’t reminiscing about the newsroom at the Fiji Times,” she wrote.

“Words can’t express how thankful we are to know that through the coconut wireless in Fiji Times, he will be lovingly remembered.”

Fiji Times publisher Hank Arts while paying tribute said Brian was a through and through newspaper media man, a journalist of great experience and generous in his assistance to all those around him. 

“Fiji will remember a truly generous person and his wonderful family,” Mr Arts said.

Mr O’Flaherty, 61, is survived by his wife Adrienne and twin daughters Toni and Liv.

More on Page 7 of tomorrow’s edition of The Fiji Times.

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