Formalising informal settlements

ABOUT 9790 people living in informal settlements in Fiji will benefit from an agreement for housing projects that was signed this month.

The agreement that was signed would get seven informal settlements to be formalised with the help of Government.

Minister for Local Government and Housing Parveen Kumar, who officiated at the signing, said Government had paid a total premium of $330,341 to the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) for the housing project.

The three informal settlements that will be formalised under the housing project in the West are Lovu Seaside, Field 4 and Tomuka. For the Central Division it will be Sakoca settlement and for the North there are three settlements.

“The number of population that will benefit from these sub-divisions will be around 9790,” he said.

“These are people who are staying on informal agreements and now we would like to formalise this settlement with the blessings of our landowners.”

He said it was through the landowners’ goodwill that the agreement was able to be carried out.

“We have been able to achieve this much with their help. As I’ve stated this is ongoing and we have other settlements that we are working to formalise too,” he said.

“Works have been carried out for other settlements too and we will be able to work on the other settlement in the near future.”

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