Forests protection

NADI residents were reminded of the importance of trees to their environment during the International Day of Forests celebration spearheaded by the Department of Forests.

The government department has been working closely with Eltech Fiji Ltd to promote the need to protect the country’s forest population and awareness was brought to Nadi recently.

Eltech Fiji Ltd operations general manager Kinijioji Vuki said forests and trees were essential for maintaining resilient production systems, communities and ecosystems.

“Forests and trees store carbon which helps mitigate the impacts of climate change in and around urban areas,” he said.

He said the launching of International Day of Forests in Nadi was a stepping stone in their efforts to create the soon to be declared city of Nadi to be greener and healthier.

“Nadi is the gateway to our country so it is our duty as citizens of Nadi to create its greener image to the world.

“We are frequently being reminded by nature during heavy rains of our duties to restore our forest when our town becomes flooded.

“I, therefore, challenge everyone to please use this celebration as a platform to raise awareness and continue with planting of trees to sustain and protect us.”

International Day of Forests falls on March 21 and the theme this year is “Forests and Sustainable Cities”.

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