Forests ministry and REDD+ to present carbon rights and benefits sharing report

Ministry of Forests permanent secretary Pene Baleinabuli. Picture: JOSEFA BABITU

IN AN effort to tackle climate change, REDD+ Readiness along with the Ministry of Forests will soon be presenting a report based on Carbon Rights and Benefits Sharing Mechanism in government.

Officiating at the National Validation workshop on Carbon Rights and Benefits Sharing Mechanism in Suva today, permanent secretary for the ministry Pene Baleinabuli said ensuring satisfaction among Fijians was vital.

“The ultimate goal should be that the sharing must result in a stable nation. Socio-economic prosperous and stable country,” Mr Baleinabuli said.

“In the end, it is all about the nation we serve, we cannot have people who feel deprived. It is a very comprehensive study.

“Forestry would like to make sure that we are part of the sector that is contributing to the livelihoods of people.”

The report will be soon be used in emission reduction-related activities that will be registered and licensed under the Fiji Emission Reduction project.

More reports in tomorrow’s edition of The Fiji Times.

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