Forestry rural stakeholders meeting for Labasa

Stakeholders of the National Forest and Rural Fire Management Strategy consultation with Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea who officially opened the program this morning. Picture LUKE RAWALAI

A stakeholders consultation on the drafting of a National Forest and Rural Fire Management Strategy began in Labasa this morning.

The strategy aims to address the need for fire management to effectively conserve Fiji’s forests.

In response to this challenge, the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Reforest Fiji Project, the Pacific Community’s Land Resource Division, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Forests and the National Fire Authority including various stakeholders are working towards increasing awareness of fire management and to develop the national strategy for managing forest fires.

“The strategy will align with the new Forest Bill currently before parliament and will provide a valuable input to development of rural forest fire strategies by NFA,” a statement from SPC said.

“The strategy will soon take full responsibility for fire management in Fiji.

“There are currently 80,000 hectares of timber plantations in Fiji consisting primarily of Caribbean Pine and Mahogany.”

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