Forest harvests

MACUATA Province in Vanua Levu topped the most volume of forest harvested so far with 10,594.313 cubic metres of trees when compared with the provinces of Bua and Cakaudrove.

A report from the Department of Forests in the North to the Macuata Provincial Council revealed that Bua recorded 9711.711 cubic metres while Cakaudrove that recorded the lowest with 7,702.012 cubic metres of forests.

The report revealed that so far a total of 28,008.036 cubic metres were harvested in the three provinces.

A total of $139,902.29 in fees levy while royalties of $696,991.72 were derived from the sale of the timbers raking in total revenue of $836,894.01.

In Macuata alone the report revealed that while the lump sum of revenues of $273,004.17 was a big total of money to consider the amount that individuals received and how it impacted the families in landowning unit was unknown.

Between August 2016 to July this year the report revealed that a total of $12.7 million in revenue was derived from products that were made from timber that were processed from these forests using 914.925 cubic metres of timber.

The report also revealed that 1,568.720 hectares of forests were cleared in Vanua Levu during the same period.

It stated that the province of Macuata had the biggest portion of forest cleared amounting to 48 per cent of the total land cleared while 39 per cent of forest cover was removed in Bua and 13 per cent for the province of Cakaudrove.

It was also revealed that 39.98 hectares of forest cover was replaced in the Macuata Province which amounted to 28 per cent of reforested land in Vanua Levu.

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