Foreign players

WHILE I wish to congratulate the Labasa soccer team for their win, I wish to differ in the way they won.

I believe Labasa beat Ba by two flukes to one fluke. I reiterate my call to the big brass of Fiji FA to let foreign players in.

We can learn a lot from them as is the normal practice in Europe and other soccer mad countries.

We closed the doors and the only thing we see is the same old bazaar soccer style.

Well my friend Mr Moon from Paras Point, Vunivau, once told me, “I only go to Subrail Park because grog is free and for fun”.

I once watched a soccer match during a horse racing festival in Nasarawaqa, Bua, in the early ’70s.

The Korokadi wing kicked towards the opposition goal and the striker tried and “wako” the ball in with his right foot but missed.

However, the ball hit his left ankle and went in. This guy ran around the dusty field with the rest of his team puffing after him to join the celebration.

He was the hero, but, he did not hit the ball, the ball hit him.

It’s still very much in existence.

For the lighter side of it, I wish I was the president of the Labasa soccer team and Sukha Singh is the coach, I will boot him out after every single win … kaila!

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