For that memorable ocassion

Make your big day memorable with Prouds. Getting married is one of the most memorable event in your life.

Here at Prouds, we have some of the best brands of jewellery which will make your big day as glamorous as you can imagine.

While there are numerous brands of jewellery at our stores to choose from, some of the most notable brands include but are not limited to Worth & Douglas (WD), Toscow Cultured Pearls, Pandora and Allure South Sea Pearls.

“If you are planning your big day, a visit to Prouds is definitely a must,” Prouds retail manageress Reshmi Singh says.

To bring its world renowned brands closer to customers, Prouds will make their presence felt with a special exhibition booth at the “Wedding Fair” at Sheraton Fiji Resort this Saturday.

“We invite all participants to visit us at our booth and get to know more about our brands. Customers can also enquire about special ring sizes made to fit your finger perfectly.

“Here’s a little information about our highlighted brands for customers to choose from,” Ms Singh said.

Worth & Douglas (W&D)

W&D have been designing and crafting beautiful wedding rings for over 60 years. As symbols of your love and commitment, your engagement and wedding rings are the centrepiece of your marriage ceremony. You want to be sure that the rings you choose today will stand the test of time for decades to come.


Pandora rings are crafted from lustrous precious metals – 14ct yellow gold, sterling silver and PANDORA Rose. The hand-finished ring designs feature a variety of classic and modern stone settings and unique embellishments.

Toscow Cultured Pearls

Cultivated in fresh water, they are the most common type of pearl. Even though they are readily available, high quality ‘Fresh Water Pearls’ are still very valuable and are treasured by people all over the world.

Allure South Sea Pearls

Allure has built a reputation for the crafting of magnificent pearl and diamond jewellery. A pearl is a living gem; a miracle of nature.

It shares a lifelong passion for the rarest and most exquisite ‘South Sea’ pearls. Their strong commitment to excellence is evident in every piece of impeccably designed Allure jewellery.

Each unique gem is skillfully set in finely crafted 18 carat gold and paired with quality diamonds for a collection of timeless sophistication and unsurpassed beauty. South Sea pearls are crafted by the hands of nature, which ensures that no two pieces are ever the same.

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