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Erol Investment is a proud distributor of Hyundai Xteer lubricants in Fiji. We have brought this brand lubricants in Fiji just a year ago but the product itself has made a mark so quickly in the market becaue of its high quality and great performance. Our market for Hyundai Xteer lubricants is growing rapidly no doubt.

Hyundai Xteer products are formulated from synthetic technology oil that is designed for protecting advance engine parts as well as the environment. Some qualities of these lubricants are:

nprovides maximum engine protection at highest speed;

nmaximises engine performance in toughest conditions;

nreduces deposit and sludge in engines and piston;

nprovides significant fuel savings by reducing frictional losses

nprovides sustained engine durability.

Erol Investment has brought Hyundai XTeer suited for a wide range of engine types that include luxury vehicles, light vehicle or heavy-duty vehicles

Hyundai XTeer top prime 5w30

Highly suited for Fiji’s climate, this product is best suited for prestige cars such as BMW, Benz, Lexus, Chevrolet, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi and more.

nGasoline/diesel compact, LPG cars; and

*Best for all latest cars.

The 15w40 – HD 3000 for buses and trucks


Excavators and construction equipment, Hyundai Xteer is a world-class premium engine oil.

Our success lies in customer satisfaction. We at Erol Investment thank and appreciate all our clients for the delighted feedbacks on our products. We promise to continue to meet and exceed your expectations with our quality products every time.

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