Footpath for pedestrians

A new footpath from Labasa Town to Delailabasa, a residential area, will ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Minister for Local Government and Environment Parveen Kumar said there were many residents and villagers who would benefit from the project.

Mr Kumar said the decision to construct the footpaths came about from a meeting between ratepayers and the council.

“When we came here last time we had a meeting with ratepayers and there was a request for the footpaths,” he said.

“The reason given to us was that most of the villagers and residents between the Delailabasa-Labasa Town corridor opt to walk most of the time into town although they had no footpath.

“After that meeting, we had a meeting with the Fiji Roads Authority and now it is coming to fruition.”

Mr Kumar said the footpath would also initiate a sense of wellbeing among ratepayers as they could enjoy walking.

Meanwhile, the initiative has drawn praise from members of the public with many saying the footpath was long overdue.

Naseakula villager Peni Drauna said the best thing about the footpath was that people were walking in the mornings and afternoons.

Apart from ensuring the safety of pedestrians, Mr Drauna said the footpath would initiate healthy living among villagers and residents between Delailabasa and the town area.

Labasa Town resident Rajesh Prasad said the construction of the footpath was long overdue and pedestrians could now enjoy a safe walk along the corridor.

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