Football refs to use communication kit

Fiji Football Association referees director Rakesh Varman confirmed that Fijian referees will soon be using the communication kits during matches.

He said the referees would be using the new intercoms to communicate within the game period to improve their officiating.

Varman said the communication kits would be tested during the Vodafone U19 Youth League this week in Suva.

“We have invested to attempt to better the game, we have purchased the equipment from Australia and try them during the Vodafone U19 Youth league and if it goes we will start using this during all the crucial matches and tournaments.

“Instead of only one guy talking in the middle, we have three of them talking together that will help them. We will definitely be using them in the season,” Varman said.

Varman confirmed that they had received two sets of the communication kit.

“Some of our referees who have officiated at the OFC level are used to the kit but we will teach the elite referees.”

Varman said he was fully committed into improving the football refereeing standard in the country.

“The modern game at the elite level is now much quicker and challenging.”

Despite the improved fitness of the referees, Varman added referees were often exposed to errors when not achieving the appropriate proximity to play and the correct viewing.

“Good teamwork is essential in the management of the modern game of football,” Varman said.

The communication kit is now an essential piece of equipment used in all FIFA competitions around the world.

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