Food festival to promote healthy living

Lavenia Chand holds a basin of vegetable during the SDA Food festival at Sukuna Park in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

A FOOD festival is being held at Ratu Sukuna Park in Suva with an aim to promote healthy living.

Organised by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, activities at the three-day Food Festival is also aimed at correcting the misinformation about food amid the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) crisis in Fiji and around the world.

Church health director Dr Alipate Vakamocea said they were trying to show the public at the festival what the right types of foods were.

“One of the things that we realise is that there are a lot of misinformation when it comes to food, especially because we are facing this big NCDs crisis with diabetes and hypertension, and we’re actually not giving out the right information to our patients about the right food to eat in order to get healthy,” Dr Vakamocea said.

“It’s an education process as well.

“You can come and purchase healthy foods and usually around 12pm every day, we will have a cooking demonstration where we will prepare healthy nutritious foods and you can come and taste it for yourself.

“If you’re not really sure about the principles of preparing a healthy meal, come on down to the Food Festival and we will be able to give you the information.”

Members of the public also have the opportunity to get medical checks.

The festival opens daily at 8am and finishes at 4pm.

It ends tomorrow.

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