Fong: Vaxx rate slow

Staff nurse Nilesh Chand administers a jab at the Nausori Catholic Church hall during a vaccination drive early this month. Picture: ATU RASEA

Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong says vaccination rates for eligible adults “continue to rise at a very slow rate” while more teenagers were opting to get the jab.

“Our vaccination rate among children aged 15 to 17, however, continues to progress at a reassuring rate,” he said in a virus update for the 48 hours to 8am on Monday.

“It is also reassuring to see that more than 10,500 doses of Pfizer have been deployed over 6 days despite the many cold chain complexities involved in the Pfizer deployment.”

Dr Fong said while the demand for Pfizer deployment in children “has been extremely encouraging”, he asked that the public be patient.

“We have deliberately brought in our Pfizer stocks in small batches to ensure we stay within our ultra-cold chain capacity as we learn to adjust to the Pfizer requirements and ensure that the changes we make are sustainable enough to ensure ongoing access to Pfizer for all our children.”

Dr Fong said there had also been limited deployment of Moderna booster doses to all adults over 60 years, to those under 60 years with significant morbidity and those under 60 on the frontline.

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