Following simple steps

The Ministry of Agriculture has finished auditing ginger for the Australian market with farmers in the Central Division showing great interest in the crop.

Central Division agricultural senior principal officer Tepola Seniloli said in processing ginger for the overseas market, farmers needed to follow processing steps.

She said there would be two shipments of ginger going to Australia this month by Turners and Growers and Sail Foods.

She said there were strict protocols that ginger farmers needed to follow such as gingers being fumigated to control nematodes and yamscale before being exported.

“I have advised farmers, if we follow the Australian ginger pathway we shall be good in any other market,” Mrs Seniloli said.

“At times we are always looking at shortcuts and cutting cost but when farmers do not follow simple steps and if nematodes are found on the crops at the processors it will be discarded, so it is a waste for the farmers.”

She said the Agriculture Ministry first tested the soil for nematodes, nutrients and looked at water treatment which was important in any stage of farming.

“Ginger farmers need to meet their target and it is important to look after their crop on a daily basis, so that it turns out great for export,” she said.