Focus shifts to Gold Coast

IF the team could repeat its historic fourth in a row HSBC Hong Kong 7s win on the weekend when they take part in Commonwealth Games, they have a chance to win the gold medal.

This was Fiji Airways 7s coach Gareth Baber’s assessment after the 24-12 win over Kenya in the Hong Kong final on Sunday night.

“If we play like that we will win gold,” Baber said.

Sending his top team to Hong Kong proved to be a blessing for the Welshman as they managed to win their third HSBC World Sevens Series tournament, the only team to have done that in the current series.

Top teams South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia all sent in their second string teams to Hong Kong

Baber said last year’s win was a bit different as they didn’t manage to get past leaders South Africa, but this year’s win was sweeter as it had helped them close the gap on South Africa in the points standings.

“We have three more tournaments to try and do well in and maybe take over and win the series,” Baber said.

“Now we have a target behind our backs as we will have teams trying to knock us over as the kings of sevens

“South Africa has had that mental for a year or two and my job is to put Fiji right back up there where it needs to be.

“This win is important for the people of Fiji more than anything else. Its them who have produced the beautiful rugby and the players that you see here over those four years.

“To win four years in a row is sensational, but to do it a place like Hong Kong is even better.

Baber and his boys left Hong Kong for the Gold Coast in Australia yesterday.

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