Focus on promoting competition

FCCC CEO Joel Abraham speaks to residents of Lajonia community in Labasa giving an insight on the reality of cost of living. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

THE Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission will focus on promoting competition which will lead to sustainable solutions in terms of prices for the Fijian market.

FCCC chief executive officer Joel Abraham said people only need to pick up a local newspaper to see multiple pages of advertisements being put out by supermarkets.

Mr Abraham stressed this to the residents of the Lajonia Community in Labasa last night while talking about the reality of cost of living.

He told the community that the prices of certain items fluctuate due to a number of reasons such as the importation cost, processing cost, cartage cost and so forth.

He further explained that Fiji is considered as a price taker because majority of the items are imported and adds that the increase and decrease in prices are based on the international prices of the items.

Mr Abraham also emphasised on the importance of demanding for receipts and retaining receipts.

He adds that people must exercise responsibility when shopping and voicing concerns when they come across issues so that the matters can be addressed accordingly.

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