Focus on family values

Kilikali Methodist Church choir singing at the Festival of Praise at the Furnival park yesterday.Picture:ATU RASEA

TWO Christian churches in Fiji believe addressing moral decay can only be done by strengthening family values.

General-secretary of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma the Rev Ili Vunisuwai said the basis of society was family and this was an area that the church must highlight to its members.

He said children must be taught the importance of family values at home.

The Rev Vunisuwai claimed majority of the social issues prevalent in Fiji were directly linked to what children were being taught at home.

He said this was something the church was very particular about and it would work to ensure that families remained intact.

Fiji Evangelical Fellowship general-secretary and national executive administrator the Rev Simione Tugi echoed similar sentiments.

He said the church was working tirelessly to ensure that the interests of families were well looked after and this was done through sharing the Word of God.

“We believe that our children must be taught the right thing and that the Biblical concept is the best way to teach our children,” said the Rev Tugi.

“The church must come together again because right now the churches are a bit different because we are building our own empire.

“This fight has to be fought together by everybody, the church and the Government.”

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