Focus on customers

FOR top quality products and services, Unique Rubber Stamp boasts the creation of great value and building excellent customer relations.

Their creative team are customer focused and strive to provide fast service.

Unique Rubber Stamp holds the largest range of rubber stamps in Fiji from the well-known wooden, economical and green self-inking stamps.

Company administration executive Devika Narayan said they were proud to say the had the equipment and knowledge to serve all types of customers, from large corporate companies to the personal one-off printing need such as wedding invitations and more.

“Unique Rubber Stamp has grown in leaps and bounds to become a leader in the industry,” said Mrs Narayan.

“We had a plan in place with a firm vision of what we wanted to achieve.

“We understand in order for us to have sustainable growth we would need to provide quality products and great customer services.”

She adds their business strives to be creative, innovative and to provide a service which is not only of good quality but fast in service as well. “We can say that all others say it, but we do it,” she said.

“This became our mission and we are proud to say that keeping our vision clearly in focus has been great for our customers as well as us.”

For all your printing and rubber stamps, visit them at 32 Suva St. Toorak, or call on telephone 3305394, mobile 9993753.

They are located at the first floor Sharma’s Building main street, Nadi and you can call them on telephone 6280111 or simply email them on to touch base with their creative team.

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