FNU student association geared up for 2019 Open Day

FNU Vice Chancellor, Professor Nigel Healey speaking to Baulevu High School students during the Open Day in Nasinu last year. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji National University Students Association (FNUSA) is all geared up to host visitors at their FNU Open Day 2019 starting today.

The association wants to ensure all secondary school students are not only provided a memorable guided tour, but also to assist students obtain important information such as study programs, career opportunities, or minimum entry requirements so they do not face challenges when applying to enrol for university placement.

FNUSA president Ketan Lal said members had been divided into teams to handle guided tours, and entertainment and assist support sections.

“We are very excited to host future students over the next two days. Our teams have been working hard to ensure we are all prepared to host our visitors. We have recruited student volunteers to serve at all three Open Day venues,” said Mr Lal.

As part of their Open Day 2019, the student body will have around 1000 textbooks at its booth that will be distributed for free to school students on the day.

“Students will be able to interact with our members at a peer level and find out more about FNU. We have a lot of developments happening at FNU and it’s going to be wonderful for the future students to know about this. So students will be able to get a head start, which will be a big plus for them.”

FNUSA student volunteer Mere Tinai said attending a similar Open Day event back in 2015 inspired her to choose FNU as her prospective university.

Four years later, the final-year Trade Diploma in Office Administration student said she looked forward to inspiring other students to join the university.

“I want to provide them with the best information so they can have a clear idea of what they want to study and where they want to study in future,” she said.

The 2019 FNU Open Day will be held at three locations this year – the Valelevu grounds in Nasinu, Natabua campus in Lautoka and Labasa civic centre, from 8am to 4pm on Thursday (July 18) and Friday (July 19).

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