FNU records increase in regional students

Update: 6:07PM THE Fiji National University (FNU) recorded a significant increase in the number of students from across the Pacific region studying at the tertiary institution this year.

FNU vice
chancellor Professor Nigel Healey said FNU was the main provider in the region
for the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science and the new interest in
subjects like engineering, business and humanities had reflected slightly on
their high profile in the region.

are students from the Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and few other
Pacific Island countries across the board,” Prof Healey said.

“I think
we have some discipline that the University of the South Pacific (USP) doesn’t
have, we have a different focus, we are very strongly vocational oriented so
all our programs clearly lead through to a career whether that’s dentistry,
doctors, nursing, engineering and so on.

have a different focus to USP and a slightly different offering that makes us
interesting to a group of students.”

Healey said FNU had to develop a range of new programs aimed at that group of

FNU had
recorded a total of 676 regional students so far with many more students who
were still in the process of enrolling and those who have enrolled, but not yet
been invoiced by the University.

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