FNRL refutes Rugby League World Cup money transfer claim

THE Fiji National Rugby League has refuted claims of money being transferred from the Fiji National Rugby League account to the International Rugby League Federation’s account.

This was revealed by the Fiji National Rugby League chief executive officer Timoci Naleba.

He was responding to the claims by the Vodafone Fiji Bati captain at the RLWC Kevin Naiqama who said the money was transferred from FNRL account to an IRLF account.

“The claim that the money has been moved from FNRL account to the IRLF account is false. BSP (Bank South Pacific) can attest to the fact that as FNRL’s bank, no money was received, nor any money moved to the IRLF account,” Naleba said.

“FNRL had always taken players’ welfare with utmost consideration when the players are in camp. This includes their accommodation preferences, their daily allowances, their team attire and so on. No administration deliberately endeavours to treat its players without value.

“Each player is valuable to the administration and there is no intent to not care for anyone.”

Naiqama told foxsports.com.au last week that the world cup was handled unprofessionally by the FNRL.

“Those two guys (Naleba and Vosarogo) are the ones stopping it, they should be encouraging it,” Naiqama told the foxsports.com.au. Petero is the one trying to lead this NSW Cup team and it’s to give the players in Fiji a pathway to play in the NRL, to play NRL football. Those two guys are stopping that because they are the ones that have to give it the tick to get it approved.

“We have no confidence in them moving forward and we will stand down from future Test matches unless they are voted out and removed.”

Naleba said FNRL officer bearers were not in any way trying to block the New South Wales Cup bid process.

“As for the CEO’s and chairman’s (Filimoni Vosarogo) names singled out as the two who are blocking the NSW Cup bid process, that is a total misrepresentation of fact. Far from it, we have done our diligence and provided the endorsement letter, for the third time. How is that not supporting the bid?

“In fact, FNRL has in the past provided three endorsements, the first being under the chairmanship of Peni Musunamasi, second under the chairmanship of (Immanuel) Reuben, and the third one under this current administration.”

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