FNRL aims for 2025

Don Natabe. Picture: FILE

The Fiji National Rugby League is taking a major step in an all-inclusive sports campaign with the introduction of a national youth cup aimed at identifying talented players and opening the way for the future of rugby league in the country.

FNRL acting chief executive officer Don Natabe said the youth cup would pave the way for the selection of the Junior Bati team at the 2025 Rugby League World Cup.

“In addition to the men’s and women’s premierships, we are looking forward to launching the national youth cup competition which will pave the way for the selection and identification of players from our young talent pool,” said Natabe.

“This competition is where we want to provide a platform for us in selecting the best players to represent the Junior Bati.

“There will be a qualifier held in 2024 between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga where two spots in the 2025 Rugby League World Cup are up for grabs.

“The Junior Bati and the Fiji Bulikula will take part in the qualifier in hopes of getting a place into the RLWC for the first time.

“We are excited as a sport to be able to provide a pathway for the development of the youth and women as a potential career.”

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