FNPF: People on leave without pay qualify for relief

FNPF CEO Jaoji Koroi during the press conference in Suva. Picture: ABISHEK CHAND/FILE

Phase one of the Fiji National Provident Fund closed with $54.2 million paid out to 85,959 members as part of the COVID-19 withdrawal scheme.

FNPF chief executive officer Jaoji Koroi said phase two of the scheme had been extended to those Fijians who were on leave without pay.

“Submission of applications for phase two have been activated on the myFNPF and the Employers Portal, allowing members to apply from yesterday, June 9,” said Mr Koroi.

“Other members who were not part of the payout on Friday but are unemployed, as well as those on leave without pay can also apply.

These members will qualify for a total payment of $1100 and this will be paid over five fortnights, beginning on June 23.

“There is no need to rush because the payment of these funds will end in August, so members can apply any time before the stipulated deadline and they will receive their funds,” he said.

He said phase two would be a digitised process and encouraged members to submit their applications through the myFNPF App or for employers to lodge applications on members’ behalf.

Mr Koroi said the fund would not receive application forms at its offices, adding that while the forms would be available on the FNPF website or with employers, it would not be required when applying through the App.

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