FNPF organises retirement expo

Members of the public who visited the FNPF Plaza to be part of the Retirement Expo today. Picture: ALISI VUCAGO

HUNDREDS of people turned up for the Retirement Expo in Suva today where financial institutions are advising members of the public on different investment plans they can sign up for to save for the future.
At the Fiji National Provident Fund Plaza, commercial banks, finance companies, and government stakeholders have set up booths to help advise people on managing their finances wisely.
Manager deposit products for Kontiki Finance Evia Ului said it was wise for people to be more realistic with their investment plans.
“It’s all on investment – helping the public come up with their retirement plan and how they can save money. People can save a certain amount every pay cycle and we encourage everyone to save before they spend,” Ms Ului said.
“The higher the term of investment, the higher the rate. We offer the highest rate in the market for over three years now and the turnout has been good.”
Meanwhile, BSP Life’s insurance advisor Litia Cagi encouraged members of the public to take advantage of the one-week occasion and plan for their retirement.
“It’s been busy around here and we are creating awareness for retirement and beyond retirement,” Ms Cagi said.
“Most packages we have is beyond retirement. We cover risks so please come along because we will be here the whole week.”
Other exhibitors at the expo include BSP Bank, Unit Trust of Fiji, National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development (NCSMED), Fijian Holdings Unit Trust, SPBD, Reserve Bank of Fiji, Bred Bank, ANZ Bank, iTaukei Affairs Board, Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, iTaukei Land Trust Board, Fiji Development Bank, Ministry of Agriculture, HFC Bank, Merchant Finance, FNPF, Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, Westpac Bank, South Pacific Stock Exchange, Kontiki Finance, Fiji Public Trustee Corporations Ltd and LICI.

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