FNPF money

During our rounds in the West checking out on damage caused by the floods, I heard people say that the money in FNPF is theirs.

I said that no one doubted that. Most of the people I spoke to said, “So, what is the delay, they should just give it to us!”

When I tried to tell them that the money was to secure their retirement, the answer was that they needed it now.

When I asked about their future retirement, many couldn’t fathom what I was trying to get across to them.

I am of the opinion that the authorities need to do some vigorous advertising to tell the people about the reason for their savings in FNPF.

The people know that money is there, they want it.

And you ask why, I believe because it had been given too easily to them in past disasters.

And therein lies the problem.

I ask, whatever happened to assistance that should have come from the proper authorities?

I believe it is the fault of the authorities that the people now demand to get their precious savings.

I lament the fact that their savings had been given out too easily in the past.

Sure you made the people happy, do you see what their future will be like, can you envision this?

Let’s put a stop to easy access to savings so that people will not become social problems in the future.

We need to get our priorities in place and save the money that has gone to sporting events and other “so called developments” and think of the people whenever there is a natural disaster.

We could put away money to be used when the need arises.

As for all the assistance that many are getting without working for it, if we keep doing this we will only be raising a people dependant on handouts.

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