FNPF help

As FNPF members affected by the floods are being allowed to withdraw their own money, how about the non-members and the retirees, how would they be helped?

I believe the system in place by the FNPF for withdrawals was also in place during Cyclone Winston but was changed to make it easier for everyone.

People are now crowding their offices inquiring for forms and are already taking advantage of the issue.

Some members that are not affected could probably spring out some lies to get them a piece of cake.

I believe it would be appropriate for the government to provide assistance rather than allow us to fork out from our own retirement funds.

If this was the case for any sort of disaster than there would be nothing left when retirement comes.

I believe lots of government funds are used unwisely on certain things but when people are in need why can’t our Government provide assistance in funding to rebuild their lives.

It’s election year and people will definitely be looking into the issue.

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