Flying low – Pilot, wife probed for unexplained wealth

A pilot and his wife were investigated for alleged possible tax-related offence, tax evasion offence, money laundering and unexplained wealth last year by the Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit.

According to the unit’s 2020 annual report tabled in Parliament on Wednesday, the unemployed wife had $380,000 deposited into her bank account between 2018 and 2020.

“The couple had four joint home loan accounts which were paid off within 18 to 36 months of account opening. “Each home loan amount averaged approximately $175,000.

“Further perusal of Person K’s bank accounts showed substantial unexplained cash deposits since 2012.

“It was noted that approximately $380,000 deposited in Person K’s personal bank accounts from 2018 till 2020.”

The unit also found the wife’s income tax lodgements were due since 2018. The unit determined there was unusual pattern of account activity, frequent and unusual deposits which was not commensurate with customer profile and quick turnarounds for loan repayments of substantial amounts.

The matter was reported to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, the report said.

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