Flying Fijians

Halfway through the season and a second title for the series!

Our flying Fijians are definitely on fire, finishing strong, and chipping away at the overall lead by South Africa!

What else can be said that has not already been said by commentators and reporters as they experienced first-hand, Fijian rugby sevens magic over the past few tournaments

To quote a few:

“The entertainers of sevens rugby, all natural ability, skills you just cannot teach, so dangerous with ball in hand, power, pace and precision, it is party time, isn’t it magnificent, they are on fire, beautiful ball, it’s a ripper, what about the pass, a no-look pass, absolute instinct right there, brilliant handling, magic, honestly, how do you defend that, don’t you love it when they’re in this mood, found their mojo, unbelievable skills, unbelievable vision, unbelievable flair, incredible, perfection, top draw, class personified, champagne rugby, icing on the cake, take a bow, signed, sealed and delivered, thanks for coming Fiji, you just don’t want it to end!”

Thank you team, thank you Jerry, thank you Gareth Baber!

You are indeed an incredible inspiration to the nation!

We sure don’t want this feeling to end!

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