FLP’s poll promise

ENSURING that the basic needs of people are available to all citizens is the core priority of the Fiji Labour Party.

Party president Lavinia Padarath while addressing party supporters and delegates during the party’s annual delegates conference in Suva yesterday, outlined a list of some of the proposed programs and activities the party planned to reintroduce if they are elected into government.

“The activities include the reinstatement of the retirement age of 60 years, reversing the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) pension cuts, relief of value added tax (VAT), review of all hidden indirect taxes especially for services where a 15 per cent VAT is already being charged,” she said.

She said it was important to prioritise the needs of people as they constitute the nation as summarised in the party’s theme for this year “Putting people first”.

“This is so important because we the people constitute the nation. Without the people there is no nation.”

Mrs Padarath said basic needs such as shelter, electricity, food, healthcare, education, employment, water and security of life was considered by the party as priorities.

“These are basic needs of the people which must be equally available to all citizens regardless of one’s economic status,gender,age or whether one lives with disabilities or not.

“All these we declare,must be affortable and equally accessible to all.”

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