FLP names Kumar as provisional candidate

Dharmendra Kumar (standing third from left) with other Fiji Labour Party provisional candidates. Picture: File

FORMER police officer and lawyer Dharmendra Kumar believes the agricultural sector should be an area prioritised by Government.

Mr Kumar is a provisional candidate for the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) for this year’s general election.

Having been brought up in a farming background, Mr Kumar said he believed governments should not only focus on sugar, but other agricultural products as well.

He said this would help reduce imports into the country.

“What I want is that agriculture should be prioritised by the Government, not only cane farming but others as well so that we can reduce importation in the country,” he said.

Mr Kumar said he hoped to advocate on bread and butter issues ahead of the upcoming polls.

He said it had always been his dream to be a politician and that he was confident of the support he would get in this year’s election.

“I am confident of the support I am getting as I am getting positive response from them.”

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