FLP: Expect good mix

FIJIANS should expect a good mix of candidates from the Fiji Labour Party line-up for the 2018 General Election with its assistant general secretary Aman Ravindra Singh saying it would include more youths and women.

Mr Singh earlier confirmed they would announce their candidates in the coming weeks as the party continued preparations ahead of the poll.

“The public should expect a good mix of people including youth members and women and also people in the industry with experience and expertise in their respective fields,” Mr Singh said.

He will also be leading the party into this year’s election.

FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry earlier told this newspaper the party would resurge this year and would come back hard and strong for this year’s polls.

Meanwhile, Mr Singh also earlier confirmed the party was working on completing its manifesto.

He said there would be a wide range of issues covered in their manifesto which would include and also address human rights violation and respect for the rule of law.

Mr Chaudhry earlier said the party would be using almost the same manifesto they used in the 2014 General Election, but they would update it before the polls.

He said this was because the problems of the people were the same.

He claimed authorities had failed to tackle some of the major issues faced by the people and the country as a whole.

“There are a number of places where things have not improved, it has deteriorated. These need to be taken into account in the manifesto,” Mr Chaudhry claimed.

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