BEACHCOMBER heard this funny encounter from a friend, who recently had an upgrade to her phone from an outdated and relatively small one to a sleek and more tech savvy smart phone.

Knowing that it costs “an arm and a leg”, she vowed to guard it with her life and also her record of losing the most phones at her office.

But one night, after finishing work late, she rushes out of her office to catch the last drop-off transport for home.

Reaching home later that night, she looked for her fancy phone to charge but it was not in her bag. Without even calling her number from another phone, she zoomed off to catch a taxi back to the office to look for her phone — now about midnight.

Little did she know that she had left the phone on top of her drawer — which she was probably too tired and hungry to remember. Thank goodness there’s an app to remind her of the whereabouts of her new phone!

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