WITH the Rugby League World Cup on, fans of various nations have their own unique way of celebrating their teams’ victories.

A friend of beachcomber on Saturday, while the game between Tonga and New Zealand was on, saw a woman supporter of the Tongan team anxiously watching TV in a corner at a prominent bar in the Capital City.

With Tonga trailing NZ at halftime, the friend heard her saying to her husband that she could not watch any longer and wanted to go home instantly. Her husband told her to stay until the game finished.

So the woman sat in the corner and could not watch the second half unfold until the final few minutes where Tonga confirmed their famous victory with the match winning try.

As soon as the try was scored, the friend heard a loud roar and when he looked back, he saw this woman standing on the table and yelling to her husband and saying “I told you so not to go home. I knew this would happen. In your face”.

They say sports brings out the passion in you.

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