HOW about this for a Melbourne Cup tale!

A chap put a bet on a horse, Beachcomber was told.

There he was watching TV with his mates, waiting.

He had been drinking beer.

He had to go to the loo, but the race was about to start.

The call of nature was too strong, so he went.

While in the toilet someone calls, “The race has started!”

Like lightning he ran out half finished.

Then he asks where his horse was.

It wasn’t in the race.

“Where’s that blerry horse?”

Then one of the boys, a serious punter says, “Your horse has been scratched.”

Him: “What’s that?”

One of the clowns pipes up : “Nomu ose se milamila, o jockey se scratch taki koya tiko.” (Your horse had an itch, the jockey is scratching it.)

Waves of laughter around the room.

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