Flotsam and Jetsam

SOME people always end up doing some weird things on the first day of daylight saving.

Beachcomber heard this from a friend.

“There was this very religious boy who always made sure he attended church every Sunday,” the friend said.

So last Sunday, as soon as he woke up he moved his time an hour ahead without knowing that the time on his phone had been automatically changed.

At 8am he left for church.

Finding it strange that it was still a bit dark, the boy just made his way to church because he didn’t want to be late.

When he got off the bus, he saw that he was five minutes away from 9am so he decided to run uphill to church. He was shocked to find the church closed and no one around.

He then called their church steward only to be told that there was still two hours left for the morning service to start.

So much for rushing qai cala tale!

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