* Some time ago, Beachcomber managed to get out on a launch with a bunch of business associates for a fishing trip.

Leaving at 6am and with the assistance of a number of beers, a well-known architect (now residing in the South of New Zealand) fell asleep when it was his turn in the game chair.

His fellow fisherman, slowly and quietly pulled in the line and attached a large red bucket.

Once the line was let out again some 300 metres, it became taut and the reel screamed as the line started to run out at a fast pace. The adrenaline rush was immediate, “yes! I got one”!

The poor fellow took the next hour of hard work to pull in his “fish” to the encouragement of his mates. Keep it tight, keep up the tip. Don’t allow it to run, etc., etc.

The crew got ready with picks and ropes and what not. You can imagine the finale. Who needs mates?

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