A TODDLER who spends most week days with her babysitter, is said to be very talkative like some children her age.

Beachcomber heard from a friend that the toddler’s brother recently celebrated his first birthday and her parents invited some people, including her babysitter and her relatives.

The toddler was walking around, talking to everyone and being mischievous, while waiting for the celebration to start when her babysitter said something to her.

Much to everyone’s surprise, she replied in the Hindustani language: “Tum mu bandh karo mohti, ekdum mu bandh (you shut up fat woman, just shut up).”

The tone in which the two-year-old spoke to her babysitter caught everyone at the birthday celebration by surprise and they burst out laughing.

Beachcomber heard that she did not learn those things at home.

They say kids do say the darndest things.

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