Flotsam and Jetsam

Beachcomber could not hold back his laughter yesterday over this amusing piece from a regular contributor.

Conversation on Saturday among the boys during our grog session.

Older boy: “Who will win the game?”

Younger boys: “Of course we will win.”

OB: “Yes, because we have proven that we are champions.”

YB: “Very true, yes our forwards are too good.”

OB: “And the back line is very fast and the defense is very good.”

Soon the game between Fiji and the Samoa starts and all cheer.

OB: “I only wish our back line was there, some of them faster than the present back line.”

YB: “Maqe, what team you were talking about before this?”

OB : “&*%$!! I was talking about the Skipper Cup challenge between Nadroga and Namosi.”

YB: “Osobo and I thought you were talking about the Fiji team.”

That friend is what the iTaukei say, “Dua mai loli dua mai lola”!

Or, like the Nadera boys used to say, “One going Suva, the other one going Nausori.”

The older boy is from Nadroga and the younger boy is from Kadavu.


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