Flotsam and Jetsam

OUR friends at the Fiji Sun get terribly excited when we get attacked by the Government — “A-G criticises Fiji Times” screamed the headline on page 4 of Saturday’s Sun. Page 4! We didn’t know we were that important!

It seems the attorney-general got a bit worked up about our online report on April 8 that no-one had turned up to the budget consultation in Tavua.

It’s all untrue, the A-G says: Don’t believe everything you read, he says, in the “Opposition Times”.

Well, the facts are always important in a news story. And our online story, which went online at 11am on the day, correctly reported that, one hour from the scheduled 10am start time, no one had turned up. We have the pictures. It seems the good people of Tavua were too busy doing other things that day. Our reporters are busy people too. So, they left the consultation and went off to look for news.

We were told that about 10 people turned up to the consultation later on, after our reporters left. So, we took down our online story. It was certainly true at the time it was written, but we know some government politicians are sensitive people. We did not report the no-show in our print edition. End of story — so you would think.

However, it seems that three weeks later the terrible things our online edition said about the meeting has not been forgotten. There was a complaint that we had got it wrong. We were christened the “Opposition Times”. And the Fiji Sun slavishly published the complaint (without seeking our side of the story, which it should have done).

We tell all our readers on Page 2 every day that we strive for accuracy. We also tell them that when we get something wrong, we will run a correction. There is nothing to correct this time.

The Fiji Sun needs to get out into the real Fiji and find some real news to report.

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