BEACHCOMBER couldn’t help it but be amused by this tale of Fijian sevens rugby passion.

A friend sent me this from his area, starts a regular contributor.

People attending a church service that Sunday morning were getting updates of the last Fiji game versus South Africa through Facebook from those watching the games.

Yes those fancy phones come in handy for downloaded Bibles and Facebook.

The sermon from the pulpit was in full progress while the congregation were updated all throughout the game.

When it was time for prayer it was getting noisy in the church.

The one who was praying thought people were listening to his prayer.

Little did he know he was praying in the last minute of the game.

The prayer was cut short when the cheering and shouting from nearby houses took off to another level.

When he opened his eyes he found only a few left in front of him.

You know where the rest had gone to!

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