IN a busy shopping mall in the Capital City yesterday, a toddler accidentally had his fingers stuck at the bottom end of the escalator located on one of the floors.

The toddler is believed to have wandered unattended before he fell on to the escalator that cascaded downwards.

And in a flash, this not-so-entertaining scene drew a huge crowd. Quick action by a passer-by, aided by security personnel in that building, came to the rescue. After a good few minutes, they managed to free the young boy’s fingers. He was rushed to the hospital.

Of course, the crowd had their own version of what and how it happened.

But one thing is for sure — parents and guardians cannot afford to lose sight of their young for a millisecond if they are at home or out and about.

In this long festive weekend, Beachcomber can only advise and urge us grown-ups to maintain vigilance and keep those watchful eyes over our children at all times.

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