Beachcomber was recently told of a story about a close friend who attended a wedding a while back.

Close friend was all dressed up and excited to witness his friend, the groom, tie the knot and begin a new chapter in his life.

Friend rocks up to the venue and walks into the reception event, without realising that he had walked into a different wedding reception. He looks around and realises that there were a lot of people present of a particular ethnicity, and felt bad that he did not realise his friend and wife had a large number of friends of this ethnic origin.

He politely kept to himself and waited for the bridal party to make their grand entrance.

Imagine his suprise when the bridal party stepped into the venue all decked out in their finest, and with no familiar face in sight.

He finally realised he was at the wrong reception, politely makes his way to the entrance, and asks for his gift to be returned.

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