BEACHCOMBER heard this from a friend.

A student recently attended their school zone in Suva and was told by her mother to get off at her office so they could go home together.

On her way by bus to town that afternoon, the student had forgotten where her mother’s office was.

She later rang the bell and attempted to get off near two popular nightspots in Suva only to be told by a senior student that everyone was to get off at the Suva Bus Stand.

Worried, when she didn’t turn up at the workplace, the mother called home and found out that her daughter had arrived safely.

Curious to know, the mother asked her daughter why she got off near the night spot and not at her workplace as instructed.

Her daughter replied: “So I could get off ga there and come to your workplace because I remembered that you work at that nightclub.”

Tobo tale.

No more invites for mummy eh!

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