Flood forces move

ABOUT 20 families of Nasolo Village in Ba will have to relocate their homes to higher grounds within their village boundary, says village headman Mosese Volavola.

He made the comments in the wake of the recent huge flood associated with Tropical Cyclone Josie, which swept through the village last Sunday, inundating a number of homes and almost totally submerging others.

“There are no two ways about it, they will have to move,” he said. “What we have seen is that the floods are getting bigger and more frequent.

“The one we experienced last Sunday was not as high as the 2009 and 2012 floods, but it was the strongest in terms of the force of the water current.

“And this flood was different because the places that never flooded before, got flooded last Sunday.

“That’s why we need to relocate some homes.

“We don’t want people to be facing unnecessary risks and to lose everything they own every time there is heavy rain.”

Mr Volavola said of the 415 residents in the village, about 200 were affected by the recent floods.

He added that villagers who were affected by the Sunday, April 1, floods were opting to move to relatives’ homes located in elevated parts of the village in anticipation of the inclement weather expected this weekend.

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