Fixing our bumpy rides

Motorist avoiding one of the many potholes along Princes Road in Tamavua. Picture: ATU RASEA

It was good to read about the Fiji Roads Authority’s (FRA) plans to start rehabilitation works on roads this month, starting with Princes Rd in Tamavua, Suva.

CEO Jonathan Moore revealed this while answering questions regarding the deteriorating road conditions and potholes along the Suva-Nausori corridor.

Mr. Moore said they were aware of the issue and taking steps to resolve it. “The FRA will be carrying out rehabilitation works for entire sections of roads that have been damaged for years and are in urgent need of repairs,” he said.

“We are starting with Princes Rd this month. We are aware of the road conditions that are severely deteriorated and we are taking steps to rectify the situation.”

The FRA said the last three cyclones and heavy downpours over the past four months posed a challenge for FRA.

“This has been challenging for us. Road rehabilitation is an expensive affair, therefore, we will prioritise the most affected areas. As such, we will begin with Princes Rd.”

This is no doubt welcome news for commuters and vehicle owners who travel along the Suva to Nausori corridor daily. To say the condition of some sections of the roads is shocking is an understatement.

Portions of Ratu Mara Rd at Nabua in Suva for instance are in a deplorable state. Other portions along Milverton Rd, Waimanu Rd, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Grantham Rd, Karsanji St, Fletcher Rd in Vatuwaqa, Nokonoko Rd along Laucala Beach Estate, portions of Ratu Dovi Rd, Vesivesi Rd, Kinoya Rd and Tivi Place to name a few, are also in a shocking state.

We realise that it isn’t going to be a walk in the park to fix these roads, however, vehicle owners are being forced to embrace damage to their vehicles, along with the bone rattling experience of travelling on these roads daily.

They are being forced to consider the cost of repairs besides the frustration of seeing their vehicles slowly been negatively impacted by the poor road conditions.

This is no longer a joke! Dodging potholes and trying to avoid accidents is not the way to be driving in the Capital City.

Potholes can be a drain on the pockets of vehicle owners. They hit the suspension systems of vehicles and tyres hard. They can also have an impact on the body, the jolts from sudden dips into large potholes having a bone jarring effect.

It is nightmare for vehicle owners already loaded with fuel and other associated vehicle costs. Potholes don’t inspire confidence on parts of our infrastructure.

If you have driven along the Suva-Nausori corridor at peak hours, you’ll understand the frustration and anger that envelops commuters daily.

If they aren’t struggling to keep their emotions in check, they are going with the flow, and riding on the wild side of our bumpy pothole riddled roads. Now that’s putting it mildly!

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